Off-site Ranking Factors {offsite SEO} + Onsite

What is Off-Site SEO? Off-site SEO is a form of optimization outside of your website. Off-site focuses on gaining credibility, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. ( It differs from on-site SEO in that you have a little less control over some factors that go into it. Onsite SEO ensures that your content, landing page, etc. is […]

Display Ad Strategy For Local Businesses [Getting Started]

Display ads are a crucial part of your Google Ads campaign. Display Ads are picture-based ads that appear on websites you visit, and are awesome for reaching new customers or remarketing to those who have shown interest in the past. Okay, so you’re a local restaurant or business. Maybe you have an online presence, maybe […]

SEO [4 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips]

Search engine optimization or SEO is a favorite subject of mine and is an important part of Michigan Digital Marketing Disciplines. It allows you to make your website rank high organically without paying advertising fees. Anyone can do it, so I thought I’d share some simple tips for beginners! Keyword Research: This is a great […]