Display Ad Strategy For Local Businesses [Getting Started]

Display ads are a crucial part of your Google Ads campaign. Display Ads are picture-based ads that appear on websites you visit, and are awesome for reaching new customers or remarketing to those who have shown interest in the past.

Okay, so you’re a local restaurant or business. Maybe you have an online presence, maybe you don’t. Either way is okay, but your starting point determines what you will want your end goal to be with your display campaign. If you’re a brand new restaurant, you may want to focus on brand awareness, which is simply getting your name out there so people know you actually EXIST! If you’ve been around the block a few times, you may want to focus on conversions such as phone calls or subscriptions to your email list. The next important step you want to determine for your campaign is your daily budget, AKA how much you are willing to spend on ads daily. Knowing where you stand financially will help you cultivate the most effective campaign for your needs.

Google Responsive Display Ads - Everything You Need to Know

Why Choose a Display Campaign?

Display campaigns are my personal favorite. They’re highly effective and relatively easy to use once you understand them. Lucky for us beginners, once you choose your settings like audiences, geographical targeting, and budget, google pretty much does the rest for you. I know, awesome right? But don’t worry, you can tweak anything about your campaign at any time and can take full control if you feel comfortable doing so. Google uses its powerful machine learning to place your ads in the right place, at the right time, to the right customer. This proves to be very effective in helping businesses reach their goals. With ownership of over 3 million websites, google can reach your potential customers almost anywhere.

Setting Up Your Campaign

Alright, so you’re ready to fire up a Display campaign! After you’ve decided on your objectives and budget, you need to choose a display campaign type. That’s right, inside of the display category there are two campaign types to choose from, Smart and Standard.

A smart display is a great route to take if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your campaign. It is fully automated by Google. The only inputs you will need are your display photos, your daily budget, and your cost per acquisition. Google runs tons of mini auctions a day every time someone searches a query. If your brand fits what they are looking for, google smart campaign will choose the right bid and ad combo to get your ad displayed. This is pretty cool, however, it is important to note that you must have at least 50 conversions on display, or 100 conversions on search to be eligible for a smart display campaign.

Now if you decide you want complete control over every aspect of your campaign, standard display would be the way to go. With standard display, you choose your own target. Brand awareness (getting your name out there), Influence consideration ( get more folks to explore your products), and drive action (creating sales by motivating people to purchase). Next, with a standard display campaign, you will choose your own bidding strategy. To me, this is the most difficult aspect of the standard display type, as there is a lot that goes into creating the right bid and strategy. But, Google is easy to work with and will guide you to the best strategy for you. I suggest trying out a bid strategy, and checking back a week later to see if it has given you the results you hoped for. If not, you can always adjust your bid! I found this link helpful for going more in-depth on the bidding strategy tips and tricks Google has to offer. Lastly, you can choose your own ad formats, photos, and descriptions in standard. This will allow you to get the exact message across that fits your brand and make it less generic. I recommend going with the responsive display ad format as opposed to just uploading a photo. A responsive display ad will shift its shape, size, and format to fit all of Google ad spaces available!

These are the main tips that will help you get your Display ad campaign up and running effectively and efficiently! I hope this was helpful. Don’t be nervous to dive right into it. Google ads is great at guiding you through the process, and you can make as many changes as you want! Keep practicing with it! I’ve found that every time I give it a go I learn something new and get a little better. Good luck! and happy Hump day!

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