SEO [4 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips]

Search engine optimization or SEO is a favorite subject of mine and is an important part of Michigan Digital Marketing Disciplines. It allows you to make your website rank high organically without paying advertising fees. Anyone can do it, so I thought I’d share some simple tips for beginners!

  1. Keyword Research: This is a great tool for optimizing your website and is simple to use once you get the hang of it. So what are keywords? keywords are words or phrases that people often search for in google. Incorporating these words and phrases into your website or blog will help you rank for that subject. Strong keywords have a high monthly search volume. Free tools to find the right keywords for your website include Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Explorer.
  2. Posting relevant and fresh content: Google likes to see fresh content that isn’t just a copy of someone else’s! Using your own unique ideas and opinions is always the way to go when writing new content on your website. Additionally, your content should always be as relevant as possible to your keyword and website focus. It should be clear, concise, and to the point. With that being said, it is proven that google also ranks posts higher that have at least 1,800 words. The longer and more informational your page, the better.
  3. Inbound and Outbound Links: These links are important for generating traffic to your website as well as showing google that you are a credible source of information. Inbound links are links to your page or website from another website. Outbound links are links from your website to another’s. Inbound links can be attained through emailing or chatting with another site owner, or just being a credible source in general. Outbound links are best used when they link to a credible source that’s relevant to your topic and provides supplemental information to your audience.
  4. Optimize your title tag for a better click-through rate: Your title tag is what people will see when looking for an answer to their query. Optimizing your title tag will provide more clicks on your content, yielding a higher search ranking. Adding brackets around the key phrase of your title is proven to attract more clicks. Additionally, people like to see numbers and your target keyword included. Including your target keyword in your title is important because it shows searchers that you have the exact answer to their question.

Starting with these simple steps will undoubtedly get you a head start on optimizing your website. Above all else, remember that content is key. Once you get users to your site it will be your content that shines above all else!

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